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Nathan Garcia

I started my career in the Health Insurance industry in 2007.
I was excited to work with business owners and learn about finance. Since then I’ve earned my degree in Financial Planning from Virginia Tech, my CFP designation and federal and state securities licenses. I’ve held roles as the Director of Wealth Management and Managing Director for Registered Investment Advisory firms.

My proudest achievement as an advisor has been the relationships I’ve built that span years and generations. It’s a reflection of my commitment as a Fiduciary and ability to deliver value over time.



Licensed Insurance and Securities Professional since 2007. CFP holder since 2012.



I take a comprehensive view of wealth management with a goal of maximizing asset longevity



As a registered investment advisor my goal is to provide service that would pass critique by a board of peers if ever brought to arbitration

“What makes me different.”

The Experience of my mother becoming totally disabled while I was a Junior at Virginia Tech left an imprint on my view of financial advice. The decision I made to continue my degree rather than drop out of college to support her was a result of our lack of options. My goal is to help provide options during difficult times. Money is a tool to help reach an outcome. It’s easier when you can make a choice because you want to, not because you have to. This focus is evident my client’s financial plans and investment portfolios.

Courses & Books

Nathan has authored several books and guides about Retirement, Investment Management and Income Planning. His writing has been featured in publications which include the New York Times, Investors Business Daily, Bank Rate and industry journals.

His most recent book is titled “Plan for Residuals” and is a guide to build Financial Freedom. You can download it for free here.

Managing Your Expectations

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Getting Started

Hiring a wealth manager can be one of the most valuable decisions of your life.

However, when it comes to hiring a financial advisor that you trust, it is natural to experience a range of emotions before making the decision. These emotions may include:

  1. Uncertainty: Initially, you may feel uncertain about whether you truly need a financial advisor or if you can handle your finances on your own.
  2. Anxiety: The thought of entrusting someone else with your financial matters may bring about anxiety, as you may worry about the potential risks and outcomes.
  3. Vulnerability: Opening up about your financial situation and goals to a stranger can make you feel vulnerable, as it requires you to share personal information.
  4. Relief: Despite the initial unease, once you have thoroughly researched and vetted potential advisors, you may start to feel a sense of relief knowing that you will have professional guidance.
  5. Confidence: Finally, as you make the decision to hire a financial advisor, a feeling of confidence may arise. This confidence stems from knowing that you have taken the necessary steps to secure expert advice and improve your financial situation.

The results of hiring a successful financial advisor can be significant:

  • Expertise: A successful advisor brings extensive knowledge and expertise in various areas of finance, allowing them to provide you with tailored advice based on your specific goals and circumstances.
  • Financial Planning: With the help of an advisor, you can create a comprehensive financial plan that includes budgeting, investing, retirement planning, and risk management. This plan serves as a roadmap to achieve your financial goals.
  • Peace of Mind: By entrusting your financial matters to a trusted professional, you can experience peace of mind, knowing that your finances are being handled by someone who has your best interests at heart.
  • Optimized Investments: A successful advisor can help you make informed investment decisions, diversify your portfolio, and potentially maximize returns while managing risk.
  • Financial Education: As you work with an advisor, you have the opportunity to enhance your financial knowledge and gain a deeper understanding of how different aspects of finance impact your overall financial well-being.

In conclusion, hiring a financial advisor you trust may initially evoke uncertainty and anxiety, but as you make an informed decision, you can experience relief and confidence. The results of hiring a successful advisor can lead to expertise, comprehensive financial planning, peace of mind, optimized investments, and ongoing financial education.

get to know each other

Our discovery call helps prioritize your goals and resources available. You'll leave with confidence about your finances.

understanding your Priorities

Your priorities are secured via agreements for services for Financial Planning, Investment Advisory or Consulting.

determining your goals

Your investment portfolio is managed based on your risk tolerance and liquidity needs from your Financial Plan.
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A Unique View of Finance & Opportunity

Often the clarifying your goals can come from hearing your thoughts out loud. This is even more important for couples or partnerships where multiple interests have to be managed. My goal is to listen and gather information to help you reach your desired outcome with the most certainty possible given the resources available.

Financial Planning

A model that shows the odds of you being able to reach your goals.

Investment advice

Asset allocation based on your risk tolerance, liquidity needs, experience and time.

Retirement Plans

Personal and corporate accounts to maximize opportunity and outcomes.

Venture Capital

Investment tools and strategy to finance early stage ventures .
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"They always say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”
Andy Warhol

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From tax to estate planning our team of experts works with you to ensure that you’re getting the best advice for all aspects of your financial wellbeing.

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Questions And Answers

Planning fees start at $500 per hour with a 20 hour minimum. Investment Management fees are based based on portfolio size and liquidity.

Yes, there are several strategies and tactics available to the average person, which many people are unaware of. Our goal is to help you identify and prioritize opportunities that will most likely lead to your financial wellbeing.

Our discovery call is 60 minutes to get to know each other. With a foundational understanding we will present a roadmap best fit to optimize your success.

Yes, I participate in several pro bono events with the CFP board and Howard and Anne Arundel County Estate Planning Councils.

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Yes our practice is always looking for advisors with a unique skillset or client experience. Please click here to learn more about current opportunities.

Your best solution will be what makes you feel most at peace. Your money is a tool. How you use it is based on personal factors that only you can truly value.


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